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Album: Lala Landing
Release Date: December 2010
Price: £10.00


Album: Welcome to Lalaland!
Release Date: December 08
Price: £8.00


"Fantastically fun - a treat for kids who like to move, shake, dance and sing." - Avidan and Jake's mom, Chaya

"My two girls and I, and daddy too, all love dancing to the Lalaland CD. We turn it on really loud and dance away with huge smiles on our faces. It puts us all in a really good mood!" - Amy and Katherine's mom Jacqui

"I knew things had got really bad when I started singing along to Lalaland in the car - only to realise my kids were nowhere in sight!" - Susie, mum to fans Seren 2, Ellis 8 and Morgan 9.

"We all love to dance around the lounge to Lalaland... great release for energy... and great for the kids to learn their first dance moves to songs I love to listen to as well... Lalaland is a great place to be!!!" - Juliette (mum to Raphi 2, Shoshana 6, Asher 8).

"It's the only album I'm allowed to play on the iPod. It is affectionately known in our house as 'Heidi music'" - Sara, mom to Clarice and Otis.

"This is the best car journey music, we can all sing along..." - Joel, dad to Tilly and Willow.

"...when 'Imagination' comes on she says 'this is my favorite song!'" - Hayley, Gracie's mom.

“Carys loves your CD – I often catch her (or myself) singing one of the songs – even when we’ve not played it for a while!” - Sam, mum to Carys (5 years) and Masie (2 months).


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